Will you experience Venice like Paul or like Clara?

Clara, as well as many others, turned her trip to
Venice into an unforgettable experience.

The guidebook is great. It helped us with the planning and preparation for the trip. I especially appreciated that we could buy a three-day vaporetto pass from home – that was perfect. The guidebook is well written and organized. It contains plenty of interesting information for a relaxing trip to Venice and its surroundings.

Rowena PearceNew Zeland

Even though I’ve been to Venice several times and I know my way around Venice a bit, we used your guidebook, almost chapter by chapter, and it was a pleasant surprise. It’s a perfect book – I showed a lot of places to my friends who visited Venice for the first time and also read your notes to them. Among other things, we visited the fish and prawn grilling on Saturday and the atmosphere there was excellent. I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t read your guidebook. Therefore, I would like to thank you again, because your tips are really useful and helpful and the guidebook is a really good thing.

Emily HayesGreat Britain

Thanks to your amazing guidebook, we enjoyed three magical days. Thanks to your tips, we saw places that we would not have otherwise discovered, as ordinary guidebooks do not mention them. Your guidebook is absolutely perfect and it saved us lots of money and stress with organizing the transport, accommodation and other practical matters. We enjoyed Venice in a different way than ordinary tourists.

Christelle GerrardAustralia

Thank you very much for your well-arranged and inspirational itinerary. And it is downloadable to mobile phones.

Monika MayerovaCzech Republic

Your information in the guidebook is great – I’ve already recommended it to my friend who is going to visit Venice with her daughter.

Victoria SaundersGreat Britain

The guidebook is very well written and I will certainly recommend you to others! I’m very grateful for your valuable tips!

Lisa MillerUSA

The guidebook was priceless to us during our prolonged weekend in Venice! I downloaded all the contents to my mobile phone, so I had it at hand. I was thus always able to find important information, tips and tricks.

Maiya WilsonAustralia

With the guidebook, we quickly understood how it works in Venice – especially regarding the transport. We did not have to look for information somewhere else and thus were able to enjoy our stay and have fun.

William RogersUSA

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My Guide to Venice will provide you with all the practical information and valuable tips on how to turn your trip into an unforgettable experience

What do other travellers appreciate
most about my guidebook?

  • 1
    Detailed instructions on how to get from the airport to a hotel and the centre of Venice the fastest and cheapest way
  • 2
    Information on how to use Venice’s public transport and understand the system of vaporetto stops and the map of vaporetto lines + timetables
  • 3
    Detailed instructions with screenshots on how to create your public transport pass (Venezia Unica Card) from the comfort of your home
  • 4
    Places that offer the most beautiful views of Venice and places locals visit to relax
  • 5
    Tips on where you can enjoy the best pizza in Venice (at a great price)
  • 6
    Cafés that offer the best coffee in Venice for just €1
  • 7
    Tips on where to go for a glass of wine and live music in the evening
  • 8
    Tips on historical buildings and monuments worth visiting
  • 9
    Map of good food and interesting places
  • 10
    And tips that will save you €190 during a three-day stay in Venice (without limiting yourself)

Information on a relaxing trip to Venice can be found in the following 13 chapters

Each chapter is in PDF format, so you can download them to your mobile device
and find just what you are looking for when you are in Venice.

(click to enlarge the image)

Discover Venice more than ordinary tourists do

In a relaxed way, enjoying the most beautiful views, delicious food on your plate and taking a rest on the waterfront with no tourists around.

And all this without stress, confusion and unnecessary spending.

The guidebook is in PDF format, so you can download each chapter to your mobile device and easily access the information when you are in Venice.

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The guidebook is available at only

€ 15

$ 18

If you are going to stay in Venice for three days,
you will save +€175 thanks to the tips
that most tourists do not know about.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with the guidebook,
I offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days.

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several extra bonuses

  • Inspirational three-day itinerary (you can print it or download it to your mobile device) which is designed for you to enjoy the best Venice has to offer in three days, while not ending up like an exhausted tourist.
  • Map of tried and proven restaurants, osterie and cafés with good food at affordable prices, including GPS coordinates for easy navigation.
  • If you have never been to Italy before, do not be surprised by words that Italians commonly use, even if you speak English to them.

+ checklist

+ my personal support 24/7 for your inquiries

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A Guide to Venice: Reviews


What will I get with this guidebook?

  • Experiences
    Unforgettable experiences that you will not find in any ordinary guidebook.
  • Time
    Your time before the travel that you would otherwise spend on planning and searching for information and time during the travel that you would waste in places that you do not like.
  • Peace of mind
    A sense of well-being, security and exceptionality. And that is priceless. 🙂
  • Money
    With this guidebook, you will get valuable tips that will save you up to €190 during a three-day stay in Venice.

What format will I receive the guidebook in?

You will receive the guidebook in electronic form.
Once you have access to the member section, you can save each chapter in PDF format
to your computer and have unlimited access to it.

You may also like to print the most important information and carry it with you on your travel,
or you can simply log in to the member section anytime and find what you are looking for
(e.g. while visiting Venice).


Why is the guidebook not printed?

The guidebook is continually updated with new information, tips and suggestions.
In the same way, all the instructions with screenshots need to be up to date, e.g. instructions
for creating your Venezia Unica Card from your home. Therefore, it is necessary
to keep track of third-party website updates.

Such updates would not be possible if the guidebook was printed and since it is my effort that
the guidebook is always up-to-date, it simply cannot be printed.


What does the three-day itinerary look like?

The three-day itinerary is here to inspire you. You can print it and carry it with you or simply download it to your mobile device from the Sygic Travel application, where it has been created.

It is only up to you whether you follow it all the time or make some adjustments. Or you might not use it at all.

What does this itinerary look like?

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