8 Tips on Cheap (and Nice) Accommodation in Venice

If you have ever searched (or you are searching now) for accommodation in Venice, you probably know that it is everything but cheap. 🙂 Unfortunately (as everywhere in the world), the closer to the “tourist” centre of the city you go, the more expensive it gets. Given that Venice is actually one big historical centre, it is even more difficult.

When I say “cheap accommodation”, I mean the general standard (a 2/3-star hotel) at a good price. 🙂

I am sure that one can find even cheaper accommodation, such as various hostels with a shared bathroom, but that is not my intention.

My intention is to find great accommodation at a great price. 🙂

You can stay in Venice in three different locations – on the mainland of Mestre, directly in Venice or on the surrounding islands.

It is also up to you HOW you will be accommodated. Whether in a nice hotel with full services or in an apartment rented from a local, with his personal advices and recommendations.

In the first case, I recommend visiting www.booking.com, in the second case, www.airbnb.com.


Booking.com is perhaps the most famous portal for searching accommodation and hotels all over the world. It includes all possible kinds of accommodation – hotels, resorts, apartments, villas, guest houses, hostel, etc.

What is good to know:

  • When booking, you can usually choose from two prices. The lower price applies if payment for booking is received immediately. If you decide for the higher price, it allows you to cancel your booking free of charge up to 1 day before your scheduled arrival and you can also pay in cash when you arrive.
  • The more often you book through Booking.com, the more benefits you gain (especially regarding the price).

An unregistered user is charged €297 for a double room for three days in this hotel

After signing up, the price is €249.

Booking.com (as well as some other accommodation portals) offers the option of discounts on accommodation based on recommendation.
This means that if you make your reservation using this link of mine, you will get a €15 discount, which is not bad. 🙂


Airbnb is a global website where people rent each other apartments that are not used at the moment, cottages or simply a room – while the hosts are present in the apartment during your stay.

The purpose is clear: on one hand, to save money (compared to an expensive hotel) and discover new places; on the other hand, it is a pleasant way of earning some extra income and you can meet new people. Moreover, you can even make new friends.

It is clear that this option is ideal for those who are communicative, enjoy meeting new people and are fluent in English. However, Airbnb does not necessarily mean that you meet your hosts on daily basis and spend evenings talking.

If you decide to rent a cottage or a smaller apartment instead of a second bedroom in your host‘s apartment, you will probably meet him/her only at the beginning and end of your stay to hand over the keys.

What is good to know:

  • Each host can set their own conditions for cancelling a booking. This means that in case of cancellation, some hosts will refund you the full amount paid up to 24 hours prior to your arrival, while others up to 7 days and some even up to 30 days prior to your arrival.
  • Likewise, the host determines the minimum length of stay (usually 2 nights) and the cleaning fee, which may vary and is not included in the standard price for accommodation.

Since Airbnb is based on mutual cooperation, it offers (just like Booking.com) pleasant conditions for both beginners and experienced users.
Therefore, if you use this link, for your first booking via Airbnb, you will get a €26 discount on your reservation and I will get a €26 credit for my next booking. Satisfaction on all fronts. 🙂

Accommodation in Venice

There is no need to mention the advantages of staying directly in Venice. 🙂

The same applies to disadvantages – it is the price. It may be quite difficult to find an accommodation in Venice that would not cost twice the regular price while not being a hostel with a shared bathroom for all guests. However, seek and you shall find... 🙂

So I searched hard and found three hotels that seem to be great (regarding the quality/price ratio):

Accommodation tips – BOOKING.COM

  • The price for a double room per night, breakfast included, is about €113
  • Beautiful view from the windows
  • The hotel is about a 10-minute walk to St Mark´s Square and Rialto Bridge
  • Excellent staff

Accommodation tips - AIRBNB.COM

  • The average price for a double room per night is €73
  • Located a short walk from St Mark‘s Square

Accommodation in Mestre

The town of Mestre is connected to Venice by a 3-km-long bridge, which you can cross by car, train or recently also by tram and arrive directly at Piazzale Roma in a few minutes.

Mestre, which is often called the suburb of Venice, is a nice town with typical Italian atmosphere.

The main advantage of staying in Mestre is that it is cheaper. The only disadvantage may be that you will not have the impression that you are in Venice when looking out of the hotel window. However, you will certainly have the feeling of being in Italy. 🙂

Accommodation tips - BOOKING.COM

  • The price for a double room per night, breakfast included, is about €75
  • Very friendly staff, clean and well-furnished environment
  • Very rich breakfasts 🙂
  • There is the No. 2 bus line to Venice right next to the hotel
  • The only downside – the hotel is on a rather busy road, which may be quite unpleasant with open windows in summer

Accommodation tips – AIRBNB.COM

  • The average price for the whole apartment per night is €66 (€46 in winter)
  • The No. 7 bus stop (to Venice) is 50 m away from the apartment
  • Not recommended if you are travelling to Venice by car – according to reviews there seem to be big problems with parking.

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Accommodation on nearby islands

I can recommend accommodation on the islands of Murano and Lido. They are nearest to Venice and it takes only 15 minutes by vaporetto to reach St Mark‘s Square.


Murano is a group of islands lying about 1.5 kilometres north of Venice. It is famous especially for its glassworks where Venetian glass has been made since the 12th century.

Accommodation tips – BOOKING.COM

  • The price for a double room per night, breakfast included, is about €76
  • Vaporetto stop right next to the hotel
  • Very friendly and helpful staff

Accommodation tips – AIRBNB.COM

  • The average price for the whole apartment per night is €69
  • The option of ordering breakfast in the neighbouring residence
  • Beautiful garden available to guests
  • A 5-minute walk to the vaporetto stop


The Lido is the longest and narrowest island lying below Venice. 🙂 I recommend staying on the Lido especially during summer, as it is the only island around Venice that has several sandy beaches.

It seems a perfect solution for summer – chilling out on the beach in the morning and walking around Venice in the afternoon/evening. 🙂

Accommodation tips - BOOKING.COM

  • The price for a double room per night, breakfast included, is about €83
  • A 17-minute walk to the town‘s beach
  • Friendly owners
  • The option of having breakfast in the garden

Accommodation tips - AIRBNB.COM

  • The average price for the whole apartment per night is €116
  • A short walk to the vaporetto stop to Venice

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