Who am I?

I have always loved travelling. A 'comfortable' sort of travelling. 🙂
I am not really an adventurer. I have never felt the desire to travel around the world
backpacking or hitchhiking, occasionally washing my hair in a mountain stream.

I enjoy great and unique experiences, but I also need a nice hotel, shower and delicious food every day 🙂

Lately, I have enjoyed travelling in Europe and if I should name a city where I spend most of my time (except for Prague where I live :), it is Venice.

I have fallen in love with this city.
I visit Venice regularly and always look for new interesting places, restaurants, cafés, osterie and various cultural and gastronomic events.

I always bring something new from Venice. Each visit to Venice means new experiences.

People around me started to ask me for advice and tips for their trips to Venice. So I decided to create an online guide to Venice.

I spend hours and days searching for information and days and weeks by checking out the information right in Venice, discovering new places that have not yet been described on the Internet.

I really enjoy it. 🙂

Then I share my experience with everyone who wants to enjoy his/her trip to Venice in a comfortable way.

During my travels, I am certainly not looking for crowds of tourists, overpriced and poor quality restaurants and queues for admission to historical monuments that are eventually not worth visiting.

When I have three days for a visit, I try to avoid such situations as much as possible.

My goal is that my guidebook will make you feel as if you are not visiting Venice for the first time.

If you are travelling with a tour operator, it is often mainly because you want to have everything secured and taken care of. However, then you may lack some freedom. Your trip is given and you have to follow the plan.

You get to see the place, but mostly superficially. One can hardly speak about the true local atmosphere. Moreover, such trips are usually more expensive when done with a tour operator than on your own.

If you decide to travel alone, without a tour operator, you usually save some money, but you need to spend a lot of time finding all the important information. Because if you know the feeling of being lost in a strange place, you are well aware that it can pretty much spoil the trip.

I have created an online guide to Venice for those of you who want to do a trip on their own, while having all the important information, saving lots of time and money and not getting lost.

Have a look inside the guidebook and see for yourselves how it can help you with a relaxed trip to Venice.